Our Studio

Imagine custom artwork created just for you, of the people you love the most, decorating your home. Professional portraiture that makes you smile everyday when you pass it on the wall.  This is what Olivia Grey Pritchard Photography is all about: fine art portraiture of your children (both with fur and without!) that has been printed and designed to coordinate with your home decor...making your family...ART.  And really, aren't your children your masterpiece? 

Probably 85% of our clients tell us they don't have their wedding albums yet -- they just never got done. We know that your lives only get busier with children, and it becomes more and more difficult to complete projects like designing an album all on your own! That's why our goal is for every client to leave our studio with finished heirloom products. From custom wall art to archival albums, we want your family's story to be ready to display in your home when you walk out our door. We don't want your child to get to high school graduation with no record of their childhood other than dusty CDs in a drawer!

If you're looking for high quality, tangible preservation of your memories, contact us today.  We'd love to hear from you.